Friday, 29 January 2016

Protecting Hair While You Sleep

There's so much information on the internet how to protect hair during sleep that it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming... I follow a few, easy steps every night and my hair is bouncy and fresh the next morning.

1) Brush- remember to always brush your hair before your go to bed and always, always use brush with natural bristles. Natural bristles help distribute oils (sebum) that our scalp produces, leaving our hair shiny and soft. Using one of those brushes do not pull our hair and it makes it easier to detangle hair, especially long. However, some girls prefer to use the tangle teezer, I much prefer to stick with the brush.


2) Night up-do- never sleep in loose hair, always make sure you tie it up either with a clip or scrunchie. Your can either plait your hair, put it in a pony tail or even use silk/satin nightcap. My prefer hairstyle would be a ponytail as after a plait my hair looks a bit messy, especially the ends ;/
Here's a really good tutorial of a hair up-do


3) Dry Hair- always make sure that your hair is completely dry as wet strands can get damaged/torn as they are more fragile and sensitive. The best and most advisable way would be to leave your hair dry naturally... However, I understand that nowadays we're all very busy and sometimes it's difficult to let the hair dry itself. I would recommend to invest in a good hairdryer and always use spray with UV protection. At the moment I'm using Babyliss Elegance 2100 which delivers high gloss finish without any frizz as it uses ceramic heat-balancing technology.


4) Silk/Satin Pillowcase- they're not as harsh on our hair as normal cotton ones which means less damage.


What are your tips to keep your hair protected while sleeping?

Monday, 25 January 2016

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is another shade that I really like but again it's quite tricky to sustain as again there;s a lot of bleaching involved and at the moment my hair is having a rest from it. However, never say never ;)

Some of my little favourites below, what are yours?

Love this rooty platinum blonde

Friday, 22 January 2016

Ash hair colour

My favourite hair colour of all is ash blonde. However, it's one of the most difficult tones to maintain as without right care it can quickly turn brassy or gold. 

The key is to use blue/violet shampoo but remember not to overdo it as your lovely, ash reflects will turn into grey and matte. I usually use the shampoo every other wash and keep it for a few minutes on my hair but only properly wash the scalp because the lather will take of the the longer bits.

Lovely ashy hair colours and styles below. 

That was mine a few months ago ;) 


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Baby Hair

Yep, that's right I've noticed a few new, baby hair on my head which is a very good sign, as I wasn't expecting that. Not that quick, I've only recently started taking supplements well probably from November last year) but must admit have been looking after my hair for a good couple of months. I've changed the way I wash my hair, use the warm oil treatment every wash ( I do it twice a week) and of course got rid off split ends.

Is that new, baby hair?

Sorry about th quality of the pictures but the only time I get to take them is either early in the morning or late at night...


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Make Up Gallery Bargain

There is so many make up brands, from really cheap one to very expensive ones. I've decided to try one of the cheapest one. Normally I don't wear much make up, the only thing that I am really keen on is good mascara, and other products but as well I put blush, bronzer or highlighter on. Last week I was on a mission to find some cheap equivalent to MAC or Chanel ones. To my surprise I found a new make up range in my local Poundland :O Yes, everything for a pound! Usually I'm a bit fussy and always careful what I put on my face but the ingredients were ok so I thought, why not?!

I picked the highlighter powder and blush.

Good To Glow Highlighter powder has got solid structure but when you glide the brush through it it looks like it melts and I must say sets very well on my cheekbones. The sheer that you get is very subtle and can easily be worn during the day. If you put a bit more than it's perfect for the night out. 

Feeling Blush Blusher is soft and to my surprise has got Vitamin E. It gives nice, subtle glow to the cheeks without looking like unnatural. 

Have you ever tried cheap cosmetics and what was your experience with them? Please share it with me, I'd love to hear your comments.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Repair Sprays

My hair, especially last year, has been trough a lot, let's say a hell of a lot. From over-bleaching to disasters with un-experienced hairdressers, ending with my little sins ( overusing the straighteners,curlers,hairdrying the hair until completely dry, not protecting it enough and not being gentle with it). The results you could see in my previous posts where I've shown you the state of my weave :O 

So far I swear by two repair serums/sprays that I use regularly, every day.

First is Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray- it's very light on hair, doesn't weigh it down,is packed with vitamins and what is the most importand thing is that is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates. 

Second one is Polish Jantar Regenerating Mist- it works great on dry hair, moist it nicely without leaving any grease residue. Some could be heavy but not this one, it's perfect if you're loooking to refresh your hair during the day.

I can highly recommend both of the spray, the first one is a bit more expensive than the Polish one but definitely they both work and bring life to the hair.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hair buns

Hair buns are my savors at the moment when I'm cutting the use of straighteners and curlers. The only thing I use is the hirdryer as if I left my hair to air dry it would be total frizz and mess. However, while am drying my hair I don't forget about protecting it from the heat with L'oreal Oil and of course Jantar Hair Mist.

I found some great ideas for a messy bun, twisty one, etc. on Pinterest and I just love Katie (she's such a cool woman and her hairstyle is effortlessly but looks so stylish). 

I've tried to do the messy bun and that's the outcome:

And the twisty one...
I really like the effortless hairstyles but sometimes struggle with them, as what I find after oil treatments my hair's quite sleek(ish) especially on the scalp. The key here will be using a bit of dry shampoo like Katie does. At the moment I don't have any favourites in this field as I've never thought that texture sprays or dry shampoos are doing anything apart from leaving the nasty, white coat... any ideas for dry shampoo that doesn't leave any white residue that you want to share? Please feel free xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Split Ends (our nightmare)

Split ends can be nightmare, especially when we're trying to grow our hair. That's my problem too, am afraid I am guilty of not trimming them as regularly as should be done and now instead of growing my hair I have to have it cut, not a massive amount... However, for me it's like the end of the world :O So what can we do to protect them, especially in Winter where the weather outside is terrible, strong winds, rain/snow and central heating, i.e. dry air...


But why split ends occur, what is the cause? The use of electrical gadgets, i.e. straighteners, curling wands and even hairdryers. In my case it was hair colouring/bleaching which stripped off the protective layering of the hair shaft and weaken the hair that much that it nearly stopped growing and my split ends are visible more and more.

Few tips how to minimise the appearance of split ends:

* regular trims are crucial, minimum of an inch in my case is necessary to make sure that the split ends have been removed

repairing products like repair, restore shampoos, conditioners and masks are very important as some of us wash their hair almost every day, I stick with twice a week and it seems that it's enough for my dry, damaged hair

* oil treatments may not get rid off the split ends but they will definitely help prevent the split moving up the hair strands and of course such treatments will bring more moisture and strength to our hair

* silk or satin pillowcase can work magic as we sleep we turn a lot which causes the fraction with hair and pillowcase. Ordinary cottons or linen ones can be very harsh on our hair. Silk/satin is very delicate and soft material which is more gentle to our mane 

* protein and vitamins can be found in lean meat (chicken, turkey), fish, eggs, beans, etc. Vitamins and products rich in biotin can be found in broccoli, spinach,berries and nuts

* less heat i.e. stop using straighteners or curling wands every day, try to air dry your hair


Monday, 4 January 2016

Grow your hair (fast)

How to make our hair to grow faster and in natural way. A few tips that are worth following if you want to have healthy, long and shiny hair.

1) Diet- this is the key to not only healthy hair, skin but all well being of our body. Very important in our diest should be food rich in protein, like chicken, fish, whole grains,eggs, beans and nuts. 


1) Scalp massage- you can choose between dry scalp massage or add argan, coconut oil and gently massage your head for 3-5 minutes. That will stimulate blood flow which helps all of the goodness and nutrients get to your hair follicles more quickly. By adding the oils you also are making sure that your deliver valuable nutrients direct to the hair as well the scalp.


3) Oil treatment- at least once a week do an oil treatment, my method is to put a few drops of oil of your choice into a bowl filled with warm ( not to hot) water and mix it a little bit. Then I rinse my hair in the mixture, keep the oil for at least 30 minutes under plastic cap and towel. After that time I usually put some hair mask, I love and would definitely recommend Redken Extreme, for another half an hour and then rinse with shampoo. To finish it off I always put conditioner before rinsing it as it helps seals the hair ends and makes it more managable later. But remember last rinse has to always be cold.


4) Trim- another key element to have healthy hair is regular trimmings, you don't have to have cut a lot from the length but just enough to get rid off those split ends. They can be a nightmare if we don't have them trimmed as they can travel up and make our hair to loose its shiness. So let's not be afraid of regular visits to hairdressers.


5) Supplements- finally if we are still not seeing any results it might be a good idea to try some supplements. Silica ( horsetail plan extract) and Biotin are really important if you want to have thick and healthy mane. Vitamins B and C are also very crucial when it comes to grow of our strands. However, be careful not to overdue or mix too many at the same time as it might end in with me (but that a story for another post)


Hope you find my little tips helpful and if you can think of anything else that you do please share it with me.