Monday, 22 February 2016

Babyliss Big Hair

I've had this brush for some time now but never actually get on with it...or I think I needed to learn how to properly use it to achieve the desired effect. ;) 

That's why yesterday, lazy Sunday afternoon I washed my hair ( OMO method i.e. conditioner, shampoo and mask in that order, where I picked my Kerastase Resistance range and Ceratin Conditioner). Before I started drying my hair I let it air dry for a little bit and after that I used my Babyliss hairdryer but only to get hair about 80% dry. I'm not usually good with all those styling brushes, curlers, etc. but thought I need to give it a try...


Babyliss Big Hair brush is perfect if you've got two left hands (like me usually totally useless with stuff like that). It's a big brush (50mm) ceramic and rotating barrel with soft, natural bristles that won't pull or tangle hair. What's more it uses Ionic technology with leaves hair frizz-free and shiny. What I found really useful was the rotating barrel which makes the whole drying/styling experience so much easier. I'm not going to lie at first it was a bit tricky to style my own hair (especially the back bit) with a brush but after a few minutes it got easier and easier. And the effect...well I'm pleased with it as it gave so much volume to my usually flat hair and the ends are nicely turned in which makes them look healthier than they really are.

Me and my big brush :)

 My hair after I smoothed some L'oreal Extraordinary Oil to finish the look.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Natural blonde vs highlighted hair

Do we have to quit colouring/bleaching to get healthy hair and make it grow? This niggling question is with me for some time now and am trying to find out if there's a way to have healthy, glowing hair while still putting it under the knife, i.e. colour/bleach treatment. 

I know many of you won't agree with me saying that you can still have regular salon treatments and at the same time sustain healthy hair. All goes down to what you put on the hair, how often you have it done and the very, important aftercare. I'm going to show you that no you don't have to stick to your natural colour, as many of us don't suit it. I love my mousy blonde but even more I love little highlights to soften the whole look.

Few tips to maintain healthy, coloured hair:

1) Make sure that your stylist uses ammonia free products that contain healthy oils to condition hair while processing. Semi-permanent products don't damage our hair as much as the permanent ones and with ammonia. So stay away from the latter.

2) Coloured hair is more porous which means it absorbs but also loses moisture more easily. That's why it's very important to wash your hair (remember to avoid hot water) less often, ideally once or twice a week. As it gives scalp time to produce natural oils that protect hair. Shampoo in this case is very important, try to choose one for colour treated hair but be mindful of products that contain sulfates, as these will strip away moisture. 

3) Conditioning, I know I keep banging on about it but it's really crucial to condition your hair every time you wash it. That helps maintain healthy levels of moisture and protect it from losing colour too quickly. It's a good idea from time to time to swap shampoo for conditioner ;)

4) Minimising the use of hot tools will also help. The only thing that at the moment I can't live without is hair dryer, as my hair is wavy and frizzy I need to dry it after the wash. However, I always choose low temperature and the last last is always cool air to close the cuticles and add shine.

So how about me and my recent, colouring experience. Well, I must say that I'm very happy with the end effect. I know I was contemplating growing the colour out but I'm a little bit impatient so decided to have change and go as close to my natural mousy weave as possible. Effect, lovely colour where the stylist used semi-permanent dye. Of course she added Olaplex to protect my porous strands ( now I can't imagine not having it as it does protect hair while colouring) and of course there was a trim of split ends. My hair is still very damaged that's why I need to have regular trims, more often than other girls but the key is to get rid off old, tired tresses. What else can I say, that my ends are nice and sharp and that's by using traditional method (scissors). Many of you tried and recommend having it done by hair trimmer but I think my hair is too short at the moment to appreciate it. Maybe when it gets to desired length I'll try it. 

My hair straight after the visit :)


Day after ( I slept having it in a up-do):


Today... two days after the visit :)


So what do you think? Please let me know your thoughts xoxo 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Effortless Waves

I know that I keep saying that I'm avoiding using straighteners and curling wands but from time to time it's nice to have a bit of a change to your hairstyle. As I'm in a process of growing out my hair I'm looking for as many hairstyles ideas as possible as my usual one is a bit dull and lifeless at the moment. 

There's a great tutorial done by Kate where she shows how quickly you can achieve messy waves. As I'm a big fan of her and her hairstyle ideas , I've decided to have a go and try to do the messy waves myself. At first, I must admit, I had to re-adjust to how to hold the curling wand as Kate's way is a bit different to mine. Secondly, the parting of hair, again I had to divide mine in a bit smaller sections than Kate as it wouldn't curl properly otherwise. However, the end result... well you tell me :)) 


Monday, 8 February 2016

Kérastase Resistance Products

Kérastase Resistance Products are another little beauties that I'm trying on my damaged hair. 


I'll start with The Shampoo- the consistency is quite thick but easily spread and lather very well. With contact with hair leaves it smooth, however that might be me brushing it before ;). After washing my hair felt squeaky clean. 

The mask- is thicker than my last Redken Extreme which makes such difference as you don't need much of it to evenly cover your hair. Mask goes on smoothly, easily to brush through hair. After rinsing it off my hair felt very soft and light. I put a little bit of mask nearer the scalp to see if it weighs the hair and the answer is NO ( well happy about that).

The smell of shampoo and mask is fresh and light, nothing overpowering. I've only used them once but hope that regular use will help to bring my hair back to life. That's how it looked earlier this morning, I washed it last night and I always dry it so it was a bit wild as it always is. This morning is more tame and I could leave the house without straightening or curling.

  As you can also see on the first picture there's Cameleo Keratin Conditioner among my Kérastase products. That's a little freebie that I got with one of my orders. I used it before washing as it's free of parabens, artificial colouring or salt. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Brushing In The Conditioner

As my hair recently started to become greasy on the scalp and a bit flat I decided to look for an alternative to my oil treatment which now I'm only doing every other wash cos I don't want to weigh my hair to much. After numerous searches I found Agnieszka . She's Polish blogger and vlogger ;) I love hair hair tutorials and advice she gives. And that's where I found the brushing in method which left my hair full of volume ( but still a bit frizzy, that's because my hair is still so damaged... :( working on it all the time though). 

What did I change in my routine?

Oil Treatment Routine:

1) firstly rinse hair in warm (not hot) water
 2) secondly wet my hair with an oil mixture ( to warm water I added a few drops of my favourite oil and mix it a bit)
3) then on top of that I usually put hair mask ( so far the best for me was Redken Extreme) and leave it under a foil and micro fibre towel for at least 30 minutes
4) after that time I rinse my hair and shampoo it but only the scalp, I don't rub it, just gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and the lather washes the ends
5) I always put conditioner on my hair and massage that in before I rinse it all off. Last rinse is always cool water to close the cuticles.

Brushing In The Conditioner Routine:

1) First wash is with condition, which helps keep the moisture in hair. At that point already I'm brushing hair upside down ( that helps blood flow to scalp and in the result the hair will start growing faster)
2) I wash hair with my favourite shampoo, that at the moment is Dove Anti Hair Loss which leaves my hair feeling clean and strong
3) Now when the hair is prepared correctly time to start the process of brushing our hair :) You will be able to see exactly how to do it right here . Agnieszka is using Ionic Paddle Brush but last night I used Kent with natural bristles and that did a trick too, as am waiting for my paddle one to come. 
I brushed the conditioner (this time I put a stronger,repair one) through hair starting from the ends working my way up. Remember not to pull any hair, just be gentle ;) The time needed fro the conditioner to start working and get into our hair properly is usually 3 minutes but you can do it for at least five, everything depends how thick your hair is.
4) Now it's time to rinse it off and if you can air dry your hair. Unfortunately my hair needs to be dried with hairdryer otherwise it turns out flat and very hard to manage. But I always use heat protect spray.


A little tip, always make sure you brush your hair before washing, as it makes it easier to manage while wet  and after shampooing too ;)

Monday, 1 February 2016

Hair Challenge/Zapuscmy sie na wiosne

As of 1st of February I'm starting a little challenge with Ewa and other girls  to grow our hair. Every month I'm going to note my results and how I've achieved them.


Start today :)
Hair length: 43.5cm (measured from the top of the scalp, straight after drying), 48cm after straightening.
Hair Condition: poor (that's my opinion),frizzy, brittle, split ends (despite having them trimmed on 7th January :( )
Treatments to hair: oil treatments (every other wash), OMO washing technique,
Supplements: Silica Complex, Inner Me (once a day/each),

My hair today, fingers crossed it's going to grow quickly and healthy :)

Wish me luck guys xoxo